How low can you go?

The Chicago Board Options Exchange’s ¬†(CBOE) Volatility Index measures the “implied volatility of the S&P 500 options.” Some have dubbed it the fear gauge, and you can look it up […]


Typically, I ¬†take breathing for granted. I don’t think about my breathe. I’m busy. Preoccupied with the myriad of things going on in my life. Or thinking about how great […]

St. Joseph’s Day


Today, this is want to share with the world. As a side note, the photograph of a picture is a lot poorer quality than the scanned image in my opinion. […]

Art for art’s sake


Postmodern art was once referred to as “po-mo: art for the sake of art.” I’ve always wondered what those words meant. Until recently, when I was struck by inspiration. I […]

Another year

paris skyline

I am happy to report I have returned from my brief hiatus. Here’s what’s been happening. First, I have a confession to make. I have been paying for my news. […]

Definition of GMO is overbroad


Today the Wall Street Journal published an opinion piece criticizing General Mills’ decision to label Cheerios as “non-GMO.” The authors, Henry I. Miller and Gregory Conko, cite a 2001 FDA […]

McDonald’s vows sustainable beef


Everyone wants to jump on the local bandwagon. Or should I say, corner the local share of the market? Organic food is beginning to look less like a fad, and […]

all the people

Strawberry Fields

I took this picture at Strawberry Fields circa 2004. I took down my previous picture to remove the date stamp and to include an attribution to this website.



Hopefully the rest of the year will be equal to or better than this weekend. Although the Saints loss was disappointing, it was a good season overall. Football aside, it […]

Take some advice from Russell Blake


He is a writer after all. He’s written 25 books in the past 30 months according to the Wall Street Journal online edition. What I’ve gleaned from the Journal’s report […]