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Hopefully the rest of the year will be equal to or better than this weekend. Although the Saints loss was disappointing, it was a good season overall. Football aside, it […]


Syntax error

It feels like the world is falling all around us. The walls are crumbling. The end is near. Maybe we should. . . Restart the computer. . . . Well, […]


Something is seriously wrong

It appears people of the internet enjoy opinions. Here I have been working so hard to churn out content by summarizing news stories that I find interesting. Meanwhile, when posting […]


The die is cast.

Julius Caesar famously uttered the words “the die is cast” or alea iacta est as he returned from his campaign in Gaul. Under Roman law it was illegal for any […]


Dangers of the internet.

You can find yourself spending hours reading¬†questionable material, getting lost in “information worm holes.” Thanks a lot Wikipedia! *tip of the hat*