Hopefully the rest of the year will be equal to or better than this weekend. Although the Saints loss was disappointing, it was a good season overall. Football aside, it was everything else about my weekend that made it shine.


The moon is always difficult to capture in a meaningful way.


It marked the conclusion of the first week of P90X3. The workouts are the perfect length. Just enough time to get a full body workout and leave you invigorated and full of energy, but not overwhelmingly long. I absolutely love it and I can’t wait to do more. No, I will not be posting before and after pictures.

Just Clouds

Impromptu picture of some clouds by my house.

I came to the conclusion I do not enjoy e-readers. I have a Kindle loaded with books that are half-read. Knowing what format I am more inclined to read is a big step in my goal to read more good books.¬†Given these points I’m currently reading Parish the novel by Edward Rutherfurd. I’m reading the large print version and it’s an intimidating 1,400+ pages, but this weekend I hit the 1000 page mark.

The novel is epic and extraordinary. Generally I am intimidated by long books, especially when they have complex characters (in this case about 5 family trees spanning 5 generations) interwoven with intricate plot lines. Rutherfurd is a marvelous writer and I was gripped by the prose after the first page. After that the characters and the plots easily come together. Rutherfurd succinctly delivers Paris’ unique history in a manner that is easy to understand. The book isn’t just a demonstration of his ability to develop characters, write about history, but it captures the romance and the je na sais qoi that is Paris. I just can’t say enough about this book.

I managed to snap a few pictures of the NOLAscapes, which you probably have noticed are inserted throughout this post.

Caught an okay view of the cemetery so I snapped a pic.

Caught an okay view of the cemetery so I snapped a pic.

Finally, I finished off the weekend by cooking a corn and shrimp soup. I started off with a homemade shrimp stock that was amazing (and my excellent sous chef did a great job peeling the shrimp!). What was particularly novel about this dish for me was beginning with a butter roux cooked to the color of peanut butter (Usually I use flower and oil and make a chocolate brown colored roux). Otherwise, the flavors and ingredients were very similar to making a gumbo.

Home made shrimp stock. Smells fantastic.

Home made shrimp stock. Smells fantastic.

Finally, the sommelier at my local wine shop let me taste Grappa made from Pinot Noir. It was surprising because Grappa is clear, and obviously Pinot Noir is a dark grape variety. The bouquet imparts an almost aggressive alcoholic smell, but the flavor profile was very smooth and fruity. I will have to look into this more to see how the drink is customarily enjoyed.

The final product, probably should've gotten a shrimp or two in the picture.

The final product, probably should’ve gotten a shrimp or two in the picture.

This is about all the content I have for you now. Hope you enjoyed.

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