dharma wheel2

The holy passion of Friendship is of so sweet and steady and loyal and enduring a nature that it will last through a whole lifetime, if not asked to lend […]

Syntax error


It feels like the world is falling all around us. The walls are crumbling. The end is near. Maybe we should. . . Restart the computer. . . . Well, […]

Something is seriously wrong


It appears people of the internet enjoy opinions. Here I have been working so hard to churn out content by summarizing news stories that I find interesting. Meanwhile, when posting […]

Dogs align their bodies with earth’s magnetic field


A report published in the Frontiers in Zoology indicates dogs are sensitive to the earth’s magnetic field. How is this sensitivity expressed you may ask? By aligning their bodies on […]

Friday round up


Local News from The Lens: Former civil district court judge Michael Bagneris raises over $200,000 in his bid for New Orleans mayor against incumbent Mitch Landrieu. Includes documents of financial […]

The die is cast.


Julius Caesar famously uttered the words “the die is cast” or alea iacta est as he returned from his campaign in Gaul. Under Roman law it was illegal for any […]

The end of banana as we know it


The end may be near for bananas. After the extinction of the Gros Michel banana during the mid 20th century, the yellow fruit is once again in danger. The cause […]

Feds prosecute corporate agriculture spies.


Federal prosecutors allege seven Chinese spies attempted to steal valuable seed technology from Iowa farms. According to the U.S.A. Today one man has been arrested for stealing trade secrets worth […]

Norway says “no way” to Bitcoins.


Bitcoins are an asset not a currency according to Norwegian taxing officials. Norway announces its position after evaluating how to tax Bitcoins. The director general of taxation made the announcement […]

Could it be the most elusive fruit in the world?


The Azores is a cluster of volcanic islands west of Spain where botanist found a new species of Orchid. Thought to be only one orchid variety (it is an island) […]