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McDonald’s vows sustainable beef

Everyone wants to jump on the local bandwagon. Or should I say, corner the local share of the market? Organic food is beginning to look less like a fad, and […]


The end of banana as we know it

The end may be near for bananas. After the extinction of the Gros Michel banana during the mid 20th century, the yellow fruit is once again in danger. The cause […]


Feds prosecute corporate agriculture spies.

Federal prosecutors allege seven Chinese spies attempted to steal valuable seed technology from Iowa farms. According to the U.S.A. Today one man has been arrested for stealing trade secrets worth […]


Abolishing trans fats a victory for The People.

Last night it was announced the FDA is phasing out trans fats from the American diet. Although there is no timeline or a specific deadline date for removing the chemical […]


Cargill’s decision to label food a local victory.

Cargill’s announcement to begin labeling products which include “finely textured beef” is a sign of the times. ¬†When a federal microbiologist referred to the beef as “pink slime” in a […]