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The die is cast.

Julius Caesar famously uttered the words “the die is cast” or alea iacta est as he returned from his campaign in Gaul. Under Roman law it was illegal for any […]


The end of banana as we know it

The end may be near for bananas. After the extinction of the Gros Michel banana during the mid 20th century, the yellow fruit is once again in danger. The cause […]


Neanderthals more organized than some humans

In Balzi Rossi, Italy archaeologist think they have evidence which demonstrates neanderthals had at least some degree of organizational skills. Remains found in caves where neanderthals are thought to have […]


Common misconceptions: Xmas

In December of 1977 New Hampshire Governor Meldrim Thomson made it obvious he disapproved of abbreviating Christmas with the word “Xmas.” A December 8, 1977 edition of the Montreal Gazette […]