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Definition of GMO is overbroad

Today the Wall Street Journal published an opinion piece criticizing General Mills’ decision to label Cheerios as “non-GMO.” The authors, Henry I. Miller and Gregory Conko, cite a 2001 FDA […]


Could it be the most elusive fruit in the world?

The Azores is a cluster of volcanic islands west of Spain where botanist found a new species of Orchid. Thought to be only one orchid variety (it is an island) […]


Researchers just as confused as we are

In China’s northwest Shaanxi Province lies the Shimao Ruins where researchers recently discovered 48 human skulls. In a city archaeologist believe was built about 4,300 years ago and abandoned 300 […]


Bitcoins for holiday shopping?

In a previous post I touched on the subject of Bitcoins. Since that time there have been several new developments about the currency in the media. On November 27, 2013 […]


Frogs named after Darwin go extinct.

An amphibian skin disease is thought to be responsible for large number of frogs dying off. According to the New York Daily News frogs named after Charles Darwin have gone […]


New warning from the FDA: freedom fries aren’t so free.

A consumer warning from the FDA advises reduction of yet another food compound in our diets. Acrylamide is an amino acid found in potatoes, cereals, coffee, crackers, breads, or dried fruits. […]


Oldest evidence of “big cat” subfamily found in Asia.

Fossils discovered by palaeontologists in 2010 are thought to be the oldest evidence of large cats. Researchers believe skull fragments uncovered in the Himalayas belong to the newly named Panthera blytheae. […]


New guidelines on heart health emphasize Statins treatment.

Today the American Cardiology College and the American Heart Association issued a joint recommendation to move forward treating heart disease. Under the new guidelines people will be categorized in four […]


We didn’t evolve from monkeys, we evolved from dirt.

What appears to be a tongue-in-cheek report from The Register advances the idea that humans may have actually evolved from clay. The headline of the story is captioned “SCIENCE and […]


Dangers of the internet.

You can find yourself spending hours reading questionable material, getting lost in “information worm holes.” Thanks a lot Wikipedia! *tip of the hat*